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The Connection between TB and HIV
The week has been an eventful one where we celebrated World TB Day and spread messages around the importance of ensuring fast tracked Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) and Tuberculosis (TB) treatment in people living with HIV because, this ultimately saves lives.
Supporting Someone Living with HIV
…… Having a solid understanding of HIV is essential in supporting your loved one. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing and delving deep into the issue of self-acceptance about your HIV status which is highly beneficial in gaining the necessary confidence to disclose your HIV status to your partner.
International Condom Day to put "FUN BACK IN SAFER SEX"
AHF in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, NERCHA, UNFPA, PSI Eswatini to activate AHF’s fun and informative International Condom Day on Saturday February 15th at the George Hotel Gardens, to promote HIV and STIs prevention and healthy lifestyle choices under the theme “Safer is Fun.”
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