National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS


Overview of NERCHA

The National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) was established in 2001 in the Prime Minister’s Office and subsequently through an Act of Parliament (the NERCHA Act No. 8/2003) to oversee, coordinate and facilitate the national multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS. These are some of the key achievements made over the years:

  • Facilitated implementation of First Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2000-2005 and three (3) subsequent plans.
  • Supported the successful implementation of impact mitigation measures particularly for orphaned and vulnerable children. 
  • Successfully spearheaded the internationally agreed Three Ones principle.
  • Since inception the national response is guided by a strategy developed through consensus. 3 successive plans have been developed, of which the eNSF is the fourth.
  • NERCHA has been Principal Recipient (PR) for the Global Fund since the inception of the Global Fund in the country.
  • Established partnerships to support delivery for the multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS.
  • Actively participated in mobilization of resources including the Global Fund.