National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS

About Us


The National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA) is a government parastatal that was established in 2001 through an Act of Parliament to provide leadership in the coordination and facilitation of the multi-sectoral emergency response to HIV and AIDS in Eswatini. It is a Principal Recipient of the funds from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and other donors.

NERCHA Coordinates the National Multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS response by creating an environment that supports effective service delivery of HIV services to the people of the Kingdom of Eswatini. NERCHA works in partnership with multi-sectoral stakeholders including Government ministries, Non-governmental Organisations, Development Partners, HIV sectors, and Regional structures.  The coordination occurs at two levels:

a) National coordination that is conducted at different levels by different partners; and

b) Decentralized coordination that occurs at two levels; regional coordination and sector coordination.

NERCHA implements this role through facilitating and coordinating the implementation of National Multi-Sectoral Strategic Framework’s and their monitoring Frameworks under the auspices of the internationally endorsed ‘Three Ones Principles’ for HIV and AIDS coordination.

NERCHA is organized into three (3) divisions to facilitate the implementation function of the organization, namely;

1) Response Leadership,

2) Financial Services and;

3) Corporate Services.

These divisions work collaboratively to achieve Six Strategic Priorities, which are;

  1. To provide leadership for the efficient and effective delivery of the national response
  2. To mobilise resources and sustainable financing of the national response
  3. To facilitate HIV mainstreaming, decentralization and divestment
  4. To facilitate partnership development and partner capacity
  5. To enhance the performance, efficiency
  6. To support and develop NERCHA staff

Natonal Vision For The HIV Response

“An AIDS-Free Eswatini”.

NERCHA Vision Statement

"To be an organisation of choice committed to delivery of high impact services."

NERCHA Mission Statement

“To provide leadership for the national multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS and related services by creating an enabling environment that supports efficient and effective service delivery to the people of Eswatini.”

NERCHA Core Values - T....I....P

  • Teamwork: Collaboration, interdependence, responsive, working with passion.

  • Integrity: Accountable, transparent, ethical, honest, truthfulness, reliability, veracity.

  • Professionalism: Accepting responsibility, leading by example, innovative, courageous, focused on efficiency and continous improvement, skill, expertise, competence, initiative / self-starter.