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International Condom Day to put "FUN BACK IN SAFER SEX"
AHF in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, NERCHA, UNFPA, PSI Eswatini to activate AHF’s fun and informative International Condom Day on Saturday February 15th at the George Hotel Gardens, to promote HIV and STIs prevention and healthy lifestyle choices under the theme “Safer is Fun.”
Lowering the Curve of New HIV Infections
PrEP is not for everyone. You can support clients to decide whether PrEP is right for them. During discussions, help your clients consider their level of HIV risk and the possible side effects, as well as their ability to cover the cost (i.e., insurance coverage), access a knowledgeable healthcare provider, adhere to a pill-taking regimen and attend regular medical visits. Each person has the right to decide whether or not to use PrEP as a prevention approach, on the basis of their own assessment of what is best for their health and well-being.