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    This is a knowledge centre, where you can access information
    on HIV & other related diseases. This site provides information
    on the country’s milestones in curbing HIV & other diseases.
    We're working towards ending AIDS by 2030
    We erected a 5-metre high inflatable
    Red Ribbon at the Bring Your Fire Zone
    and further launched a brand
    new AIDS Mascot.

 COVID-19 updates

Avoid fake COVID-19 news with latest updates from the WHO.

What we do

We cause healing, relief and hope through empowerment to people infected and affected by HIV & AIDS.

Our Values

Collaboration, interdependence, responsive, working with passion.

Accountable, transparent, ethical, honest, thruthfulness, reliability, veracity.  

Accepting responsibility, leading by example, innovative, courageous, focused on effeciency.

How we do it

  • Provide leadership for the delivery of the national multisectoral HIV and AIDS Response.

  • Strengthen strategic information for evidence-based programming.

  • Strengthen advocacy, communication, and partnership management for HIV response.

  • Expand and Extend NERCHA Competencies to Support Development Agenda.

  • Strengthen the Performance, Efficiency and Effectivenessof NERCHA.

Our Impact

In the years since HIV was first detected in Eswatini, with a large community of dedicated partners, we have come a longway and have impacted the people that we serve immensely. Here are the AIDS numbers from the latest HIV Estimates Report. 

PEOPLE were estimated to be living with HIV in 2020
PEOPLE estimated to be newly infected with HIV in 2020
% Estimated HIV Incidence for ages 15-49
PEOPLE are estimated to have died of AIDS related illnesses in 2020

Wait, But Why?

We believe that collaboration and openness are key to ending AIDS as a public health threat in Eswatini. We will continue to focus on drastically reducing new infections and AIDS related deaths.

Join Our Campaigns

Staying healthy is key to living well with HIV, especially now that mordern HIV treatment takes care of most risks associated with it. It is also important to know your rights. NERCHA has various HIV Prevention and treatment campaigns that need your support. Your support will greatly assist NERCHA to carry on its life-saving work.